Department Name Phone No. Fax No.
Administration     867-5482
Principal Michael Carlow 867-5198  
Secretary Tracy Walking 867-5198  
Business Manager Waysha White Face 867-5198  
Business Technician Lindy M. True Blood 867-5876  
Education Technician Wesley Whirlwind Horse 867-5198  
Althetic Director Lyle (Dusty) L. LeBeaux 867-5191  
Food Service Manager Floyd W. Pulliam 867-5198  
School Cook Supervisor Velvedene R. Wounded Horse 867-2335  
Ed Tech/Home School Reno Red Cloud 867-2434  
School Bus Driver Supervisor Melvin White Bull 867-2337  
Registrar's Office     867-2386
Registrar (High School) Martha Protector 867-5145  
Registrar (Elementary) Lisa Steele 867-5878  
High School     867-6435
High School Principal Linda One Feather 867-5191    
Secretary Michelle Yellow Bird 867-5191  
Counselor Dennis W. Dolezal 867-5191  
Counselor Peggy L. Phelps 867-5191  
High School Dean of Students Michele Means 867-5191  
Girls Locker Room Elizabeth F. Little 867-5191  
JROTC Vacant 867-6401 867-6249
Yellow Gym David R. Michaud 867-2826  
Elementary   867-5193/5194/5195 867-1404
Elementary Principal Temple Nichols Good Shield    
Secretary Paula L. Bettelyoun 867-5193  
Elementary Dean of Students Steven Shangreaux    
Library / Education Technician Vacant 867-6241  
Ed. Spec. (SPED Coordinator) Kevin L. Shot With Arrow 867-1775  
Teacher (SPED) Betty A. Schultes 867-2162  
Transition (SPED) Morris Brewer 867-2788  
Information Technology   867-2431  
IT Technician Dana L. Lone Hill    
IT Technician Thomas White Eyes    
Facilities   867-2674/867-2754 867-6327
Facilities Manager Dan Nelson    
Head Janitor William Good Eagle    
Business Technician Michelle Carlow    
FACE Program   867-5433 867-5793
Early Childhood Teacher Carol Whalen    
Early Childhood Co-Teacher Wilson, Betty    
Early Childhood Teacher Donald Standing Elk    
BIE Administration   867-1306 / 867-1532 867-5610
ELO Robert White Eyes (Acting)    
Education Program Specialist Jody Brewer    
Business Manager Robert White Eyes    
Business Technician/Personnel Helena White Eyes    
Program Support Assistant Patricia Thompson    
Other Reservation Schools      
American Horse School   455-1209 455-2179
Batesland School   288-1921 288-1986
Bennett County School   685-6330 685-6935
Crazy Horse School   462-6792 462-6510
Little Wound School   455-6175 455-2571
Loneman School   867-6875 867-1363
Our Lady of Lourdes   867-2801 867-5874
Porcupine School   867-5588 867-1927
Red Cloud Elementary School   867-5889 867-2528
Red Cloud High School   867-1289 867-2528
Rockyford School   455-1554 455-2091
Wolf Creek School   867-5174 867-5067
Wounded Knee District School   867-4350 867-1219